Fever is Your Friend!

A beloved Virology Professor, C. George Ray, uttered the immortal words “fever is your friend” during my training. He was not trying to discount the genuine concern, at times bordering on terror, [...]

Surviving Colic

“Does anyone have a clue what we’re going through?” Likely nothing in our entire lives leading to parenthood will ever quite prepare us for the infant with colic. Though our three children are [...]

Making Sense of Rashes

Rashes often seem unfathomable to parents. They are amazingly common, unfortunately more so in some children than others, and only a very tiny few are really serious, demanding immediate medical [...]

Tips for Taming Eczema

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, refers to chronic, often life-long, sometimes severe, dry, cracked skin, which is typically very itchy. It is one of the four “Atopic Diseases”: asthma, allergy, [...]

Taming the Picky Eater

Ah, the picky eater: often the source of much angst, likely even sleepless nights for parents trying to deal with it. The “picky toddler” is almost a brand, yet parents of even school-aged [...]

Time Outs for Toddlers

Welcome to the crazy world of toddlers: that challenging time of life when every parent’s precious baby hits their teens (in months 🙂 ); when children are embarking on a process called [...]

New Moms’ Connections

Come try our FREE and informal discussion group for moms with new babies! Date: Mondays Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Location: Meets in Building D on the Salem Hospital campus. Parking: Free covered [...]